I have been using Janet Gordon Palm’s Animobility service for over a year. I started with my two senior Miniature Schnauzers (age 14) for a periodic “tune-up” – VOM and LLLT – to counter the general effects of aging and wear and tear on their active little bodies. Both dogs experienced increased strength and energy after the treatments (most times starting a day or two after the treatment). My younger Schnauzer (age 9 at the time) also received LLLT on a ruptured anal gland after conventional veterinary treatment, which I believe helped accelerate the healing–he has not had any problems with that in the year since. At age 10, he will begin getting “tune-up” treatments to forestall effects of aging and activity.

I appreciate Dr. Palm’s approach to her clients: (1) meet them on their own turf, (2) get to know them in the first appointment so that (3) she can interact with and treat them in ways that are comfortable for them. She respects all animals as they are, not forcing them into any posture or behavior that they don’t offer freely. I value that as much as I value the efficacy of the treatments she provides.
– Sue W.; Plymouth, Mn

Based on positive referrals from a few friends, I consulted Dr. Gordon this past year to see if her services (Animobility) including LLLT, Veterinary Adjustment of spine (orthopedic adjustment), and myofascial release would be beneficial to my 9 year old Miniature Schnauzer. My older dog’s symptoms were proving difficult to diagnosis (closest comparison is nightmares that kept him and us up all night for several months) in the traditional office setting. Dr. Gordon met us on our own turf and started with a thorough physical exam and behavior observation, allowing the dogs, including my second younger (5 yr) Miniature Schnauzer to interact with her on their terms. With no clear diagnosis she based her initial treatment protocol on her knowledge and experience. After 1 treatment and the first night his nightmare like symptoms have disappeared with only a mild attempt at reoccurrence that LLLT maintenance clears right up. We continue with tune-up” treatments to forestall effects of aging and his arthritis formation.

Seeing the positive benefits for my senior dog, I started having Dr. Gordon provide treatments to my younger dog in regards of immune system and rebalancing for her health. When she was recently in for a dental Dr. Gordon work with my dog’s primary vet during and shortly after the dental to promote the immune system, enhance tissue healing, recovery with less pain and infection fighting properties though LLLT.

I am grateful for Dr. Gordon’s approach, her respect of my dogs and all animals, along with her willingness to educate the owners on helping the dogs live healthier lives.

– Kim M., Minnesota

Dear Dr. Janet Gordon Palm,

Thank you for the excellent service you have given my animals over the last 15+ years.
Your natural affinity for all creatures, your knowledge and skills are complemented by your expertise in Low Level Laser Therapy.

Our dog, Kayla, and horse, Lenny, were some of your first patients for the LLLT and we saw immediate as well as long term results in both of them.

Kayla was a mix breed 60 pound dog and you treated her for arthritis and other basic geriatric maladies. We saw improvement in her body movement and bowel movements with an all over improved more energetic attitude. LLLT helped her to stay comfortable, and sometimes puppy like, until we came to the decision to let her become our doggy angel.

Lenny was a thoroughbred gelding horse and he was in his golden years but still managed to get hurt from time to time. A fence had come down and caught his leg, severely damaging his tendon. He was diagnosed by Dr. Tracy Turner DVM, MN, and recommended stall rest and rehab that would be at least 6 months before riding. Checkups every 30 days were given and LLLT was applied several times per week along with hand walking and cold water secessions. Long story short; we were given a full clean bill of health and allowed riding in all 3 gaits including canter within 90 days! A few years later, Lenny appeared to have hormonal issues that ended his quality of life. Although your LLLT kept him comfortable, we made the hard decision to euthanize.

Our experience with you at the New Hope Animal Clinic and with Animobility is valuable and has been eye opening to the great possibilities offered by LLLT.

Kim & Dan C. , Minnesota