I’m confused–what is VOM again, and how does it help?

Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation is a technique that re-establishes nerve communication from the spinal cord to the end organ system. When the spine has suffered a mishap that may have resulted in a misalignment of the vertebra, there is a complex of tissues affected. Muscle spasms, inflammation, pain can result in adhesions and scar tissue if left untreated. The body tries to compensate and other areas become effected. Until muscle spasms are relieved and adhesions and scarring are managed, the lack of circulation and nerve communication can cause organs to fall prey to infection and diseases. Change in the animal’s conformation from compensation can predispose to sprains, ligament tears ( ACL), hip dysplasia, bowed tendons, etc… The Activator device delivers a measured energy force down the vertebral spinous processes which results in the changes that work to resolve the dysfunction.

How does Myofascial Release fit in?

Myofascial Release describes rehabilitation of muscle and connective tissue in order to aid in re-establishing nerve communication and improved circulation and lymphatic drainage. This is performed by superficial and deep tissue massage using a combination of manual and digital massage and specialized electronic instruments called Percussor and Vibrostim.
And Low Level Laser Therapy does what?

LLLT rehabilitates at the cellular level. The specific wavelength ( 635nm), and low power output allow the light absorption into the cells to initiate a cascade of physiologic responses. The process begins with the cells “engine” called Mitochondria being stimulated to produce more ATP energy. The cell functions more efficiently, and this translates into increased cell regeneration (faster healing), and cell communication. ( reintegration of the nervous system)

Why don’t you need to wear eye protection like with other Lasers?

Laser Classification is based on the power of the laser. Any laser over 500mW ( Class 4 lasers ) require eye protection for operator, pet, and anyone within 20 feet of the laser beam. Due to the near infrared wavelengths being invisible to the eye, the blink response is not triggered and severe retinal damage can occur.The Erchonia Lasers are low power lasers which support the current research that is showing that beneficial systemic changes occur using 635nm wavelength and 5mW – 7.5mW power ( Class 2-3). There is no need for eye protection, however common sense dictates not shining it directly in the eye.

How can a Low Power Laser penetrate deep enough to reach a deep joint in a horse?

The benefit to LLLT is in the Absorption, not the Penetration. The light energy is absorbed into the cells, ATP energy is produced, and the energy is transferred from cell to cell, much like hitting a cue ball into a rack of billiard balls. Deeper tissues are affected within minutes as has been documented on MRI studies.

What animals can benefit from VOM or Laser?

Any animal that would benefit from decreased pain, inflammation, increased circulation and lymphatic drainage, increased tissue regeneration and nerve communication will benefit from incorporating VOM and Laser into their treatment protocol.

Why should I invest in this?

Traditional medicine focuses on symptoms rather than addressing the source of the dysfunction. Addition of VOM and LLLT modalities allows for a series of physiologic responses in the body to occur which assists self healing. This can translate to using less medications, especially in cases where muliple medications can result in side effects that can be harmful to your pet. On occasion, some surgical interventions can even be avoided.