I am passionate about teaching and sharing information. I also offer:

Consultation Services:

  • Enhancing the Veterinary Practice by Understanding Animal and Human Personalities
  • Communication of Perception of Value Results in Enhancing the Bottom Line
  • Practicing Outside of the Box; Prevention of Burnout:
  • Integrating “Play” in your Day!

Educational Seminars:

  • Incorporating Natural Horsemanship Principles to Enhance the Veterinary Exam;
  • Low Level Laser Therapy and Integration into the Traditional Practice
  • Avian Medicine
  • Importance of Communication in Client Perception of Value

Relief Veterinary Services:

  • Licensed in Colorado, Utah, California, Minnesota and Kansas
  • Passionate about Client Communication which improves Compliance
  • Avian and Exotic Medicine
  • Surgical skills include passion for soft tissue and Reconstructive Surgery
  • VOM, Osteopathy, and Laser Health Care Specialist